About The Author:


Peppermint Helmet is written and illustrated by Bill Spinester (me).  I work in a cubicle by day and I’m a cartoonist/musician/jiu jitsuist by night, as well as being a husband and father.  I started drawing comics back in 2011 with absolutely no clue what I was doing.  I’m happy to report that nothing has changed on that front.

About Peppermint Helmet:


Peppermint Helmet is a gag comic strip where pretty much everything is fair game.  My previous comic was a story-based comic with over 400 strips and this time I wanted to change gears and do something a little different.  I didn’t want a new reader to have to fight through an extensive archive just to have a clue what was going on or to get half the jokes.  However, just because this is a gag comic doesn’t mean that longtime readers won’t be rewarded.  I can almost guarantee characters from my previous works will show up occasionally as well as background easter eggs and callbacks to earlier Peppermint Helmet strips.  So, go forth and read The Helmet.  Enjoy The Helmet.  Spread The Helmet.

Oh.  And Go Heels.