Crash test dummies have to be the most underappreciated workers out there.  Something tells me they have a preference for public transit.  I tried very hard to make the dummies authentic, my inspiration coming from Vince and Larry in those car commercials.  The design of crash test dummies puts them sort of in that uncanny valley territory.  If you aren’t familiar with the uncanny valley, here it is from Wikipedia:


The uncanny valley is a hypothesis in the field of human aesthetics which holds that when human features look and move almost, but not exactly, like natural human beings, it causes a response of revulsion among some human observers. The “valley” refers to the dip in a graph of the comfort level of humans as subjects move toward a healthy, natural human likeness described in a functionof a subject’s aesthetic acceptability.


I think I know what my halloween costume is this year.  🙂

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