Who doesn’t love mascots?  They are big, cuddly, fun, quiet, excited, and nice.  Kids can never have a stuffed animal big enough so seeing the life-size equivalent of one must be quite a thrill.  For a couple of years, mascots were my main bargaining chip for getting my kid to go with me to a minor league baseball game.  Obviously a four-year-old could care less about so-and-so’s rehab stint in Triple-A or keeping score in the program.  It’s all about popcorn and watching Wool E. Bull drive around in his go-kart or fire T-shirts into the crowd with the hot dog air cannon.

Every once in a while they’ll hold a mascot day where there is a giant collection of them from all around the league and it doesn’t get more interesting than minor league baseball mascots.  The Iron Pigs?  The Sea Dogs?  The Flying Squirrels?  Brilliant.  Thankfully, I can say I’ve yet to see any anatomically correct mascots at the park.  Peppermint Helmet could use a mascot.  If you think of one, let’s hear it!

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