I really wish I had an extra half hour in the day to devote to meditation.  It’s clearly very beneficial and it does help center you.  Plus I think it’s important to be able to manually slow yourself down.  The world is only getting faster and more stressful.  Taking time to clear your mind and give your body a relaxing reset is just a good idea.

But wait until after you’ve voted for PH at Topwebcomics, liked it on Facebook and become my patron on Patreon.  THEN it’s time to meditate.

I figure it’s time you got a status update on my comic-making future. Peppermint Helmet, as fun as it has been, is slated to end on December 29th. But, fear not! My next project will start up that very same day! It is called Ariel 51 and will be a more traditional sci-fi story. More info as we get closer but I just wanted to put it on your radar. 🙂 Godspeed you sexy, sexy readers.