Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what is the creepiest kids movie of all?  It might just be Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  Why, you ask?  When did you see it last?  I had these fond memories of that movie so I figured I’d show it to my little kid when he was home sick one day.  It’ll be perfect, I thought.  Me, the little guy, and a classic Disney cartoon.  So we pop it in the player.  Just a few short minutes into the movie, the Evil Queen hires a freaking hitman to kill Snow White, cut her heart out, and bring it back in a box.  Snow White then runs into a haunted forest where uber-creepy trees started attacking her.  My kid turns to me and says, “Daddy, I don’t like this movie.”  Those early Disney movies didn’t pull any punches, man.

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