Monkey bars are actually a good test of strength, which makes it really annoying that six-year-olds can do it well when you can’t.  I tried them again recently and it was a lot harder than I remember but fun.  Maybe even more fun than human bars.  If you bring a beer to the monkey bars you get the best of both worlds.

Oh, and hi!  Welcome to Peppermint Helmet!  Your new haven for the utterly ridiculous.  If you’re coming from my previous comic, Tripp, this one will be quite different.  Peppermint Helmet is a gag strip where anything and everything is on the table.  That includes different art styles and even fonts as I see fit.  A strip that gives me total freedom from a creative standpoint.  Trust me, you guys, it’s going to be fun.  I’m not done with storytelling though, I’m actually developing my next story-based comic as we speak, I just needed a break from that for a little while.  So, come on in and hang out with me!  Use the RSS or sign up by email, it’ll help you keep up.

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