Teachers always tell me that the parents are the worst part of their job.  As a parent I believe it.  Everyone is so darned sensitive these days and believes their kid is perfect.  It reminds me of that demotivational poster with the picture of a snowflake that says, “You are unique, just like everybody else.”

Well, here it is, strip 100.  The end of the line for now for Peppermint Helmet.  It’s been fun to do this while prepping my story comic Ariel 51 (www.ariel51.com) and now it’s time to focus solely on that.  I wish I had the time to maintain two comics but I don’t.  I’ve done it before and while I love being creative, I don’t love losing sleep.  🙂  I might throw a PH comic up here or there as I feel like it but that will be on a wheneverly schedule.  A huge thanks to all of my readers for indulging me on this comic.  Now it’s back to storyland.  Thank you all so much!  Your support has been fantastic!

Now. Let’s take a new journey together over at Ariel51.com, shall we?

Today’s Peppermint Helmet song of the day: