Time Warner Cable.  For years they have been the only game in town where I live and, because of that, I’ve been forced to endure their “customer service.”  When you need them to come to your house they give you a ridiculous window like ‘sometime on Thursday or Friday between 12 and 5pm.’  Then they don’t show at all.  They force you to play this stupid game where you sign up with them for a good price, then after 12 months it goes up by half.  You get pissed, terminate service and then go back for a better price.  Of course, the solution is to give up cable altogether but I love sports and Tar Heel basketball so that’s not really an option.  Now, there are other companies starting to get a foothold in our market and I can’t wait to jump ship.  Do you guys have dealings like that with them?  Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I’m their arch nemesis.  I figured I better get this coming in now because, according to their new ad campaign, they are overhauling their customer service.  We shall see, TWC.  We shall see.

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