Commissions are currently:  OPEN

You know what is awesome?  Owning original artwork!  I can help you out with that!  Pretty much anything is fair game with the following exceptions:

  • Overly explicit subject matter…  Let’s keep this party classy!
  • Your original characters…  This is mainly for redistribution reasons so I don’t get burned if someone takes my illustration and tries to use it for the cover of their book or something.

There are a few different commission options for you to choose from.

For those seeking traditional art:

9 x 12 bristol board, pen and ink commission= $30

9  x 12 bristol board,  pen/ink/grayscale marker commission = $50


Digital commissions:

Digital commissions are a bit more time-consuming and hard to price so email me at the address listed below with your idea and we can talk it over.


For those looking for a higher rank in the Peppermint Army:

Get yourself in a Peppermint Helmet strip!  You can send me photo reference and I’ll stick you in a Peppermint Helmet strip with thanks and your name credited down in the blog post below, if you choose.  How your likeness gets used and abused is still up to me (MWAHAHAHA) but rest assured, it will be fun.  Plus, you’ll likely be further immortalized if and when a print version of the comic is made!  Double score!

Get yourself in a strip commission = $60


For commission inquiries, please contact me at [email protected]